Joymode is a startup company building a subscription service of active lifestyle gear and entertainment products. The brand vision is to provide a solution for city dwellers who believe what they do shouldn’t be limited by what they own.

The project was to design an iOS mobile app to launch the Joymode brand and subscription service to Los Angeles area residents. The goals were to apply insights from their ongoing beta testing of the business model, online user flow experience and explore new opportunities reach and engage customers.



Team: Daryl Harris, Ryan Chang, Joanne Sampoonachot

Tools: Pen and Paper, Sketch, Slack, Marvel App

Deliverables: Research, UX Strategy, Personas, User Flow, Visual Design, Clickable Prototype 

Timing: 3 weeks


Currently the company is beta testing the online service with a limited number of customers with a website set up as a first round exploration of the subscription service to gauge customer experience and business operations. 

CURRENT Pain Points

  • Limited product detail information with packages
  • Absence of customer on-boarding to learn and explore packages before subscribing to service
  • Package categories and product lines needing to create stronger draw to attract customers
  • Product reservation system needs more flexibility


  • Introduce Joymode brand and promote active lifestyles with product subscription service
  • Build out package categories to serve a wider range of customer interests and aspirations
  • Visually explore lifestyle product lines, customize experience packages and schedule reservations  

JOYMODE Mobile App Ideation and Development


ONBOARDING User Introduction

  • Introduce new customers to Joymode service
  • Describe experience packages and customization
  • Visually explain how the Joymode service works
  • Present cost of subscription service

USER PERSONAS Target Customer Profiles


Likes connecting and entertaining with a variety of activities and sharing those experiences with friends. Very budget minded with purchases.


A social concierge who loves the energy of social media. Wants to be in the know of whats new going on around town and find new things to do with friends.  


Craves exploring and finding unique experiences. Like to discover new technologies and products but doesn't have a lot of storage space at his condo. 

RESEARCH Competitive and Comparative


USER FLOW Browsing Sequence

  • Customer browses and selects an Activity Category
  • Selects Joymode Packages within category
  • View package detail, browse and select add-ons
  • Set up delivery location and return schedule

USER FLOW Checkout Sequence

  • Review subscription service terms
  • Enter name and email to create account
  • Setup payment preferences
  • Reviewing current order summary and submit
  • Confirmation page